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Ebola In Sierra Leone (2014)

The ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone

About the reportage

Kenema, in the south of Sierra Leone, is a closed city. Kenema is said to be the heart of the new outbreak of Ebola that has hit the African country. If on the surface it seems that life continues as always, but you can feel the fear in the air. in the city you can meet new figures. Men dressed in white, with special suits that cover them from head to foot, wearing mouth masks and diving goggles.. They are burial team, the groups that run the city and the countryside on  pick up to collect, transport and bury the dead in the cemetery. They look like so many backgruond actors in a science fiction movie. Young people who risk their life. A wrong move and you are likely to be infected with ebola. Some of them transported and buried friends and relatives. Some of them have been infected and died. They are afraid, but fear does not stop them, because they are convinced that their help is essential at this time. They don’t it for money, the salary is poor, but to help their country, Sierra Leone.

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Ebola In Sierra Leone (2014) - Luigi Baldelli [Photographer]